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  • Summary

    Take Your Design From Art to Part

    FlowPath™ is our 2d CAD and cut pathing software. With easy-to-use CAD drawing tools and many waterjet specific features, FlowPath takes the guesswork out of making high quality parts regardless of operator skill level.

  • Feature

    No G-Code Required

    • Import your 2D file or create your own design
    • Examine drawing to detect any geometry errors
    • Select the geometry and autopath, the system automatically creates lead in, lead outs, and traverse lines
    • Many other waterjet specific features available at the touch of an icon
    • Save the ORD and send the file to machine, FlowCut does the rest
  • Waterjet Knowledge Built In

    Leverages Flow’s 40 years of waterjet application expertise. Incorporating Flow's best practices to estimate what steps are needed to create the best part. SmartStream™ cutting models assure high-quality finished parts with smart pathing powered by Flow application expertise.

  • Intuitive Interface

    Intuitive graphical interface simplifies the creation and design of parts. Easy-to-use CAD drawing and editing tools, context-sensitive tool tips and integrated users guide in the Help section.

  • Optimize Your Process

    Unique modifiable tool path generation with automatic lead-in and lead-out and rapid traverse lines. Part tabbing function for user to choose location, gap, and length of entry and exit points for a part tab.

  • Software Features & Requirements

    • Windows based
    • Imports industry standard DXF, DWG, IGS, CADKEY, CDL, and HPL files

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