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Removal Solutions


  • Features

    It is used for paint / coating removal of large structures such as ships, automotive, oil & gas offshore.

    • Diagnostic sensors to assist with troubleshooting and maintenance
    • Automated settings for multiple tool operation
    • Onboard charge pump and filtration systems
    • ECV valve compensates for multiple tools to maintain pressure
    • 82-gallon fuel tank
    • Multilingual remote operator box
    • 2,100 pump RPM
    • 10 Micron Filtration
    • Skid mounted and trailer mountable
  • Model

    Provide pressure, flow, mana, RPM, and drive information as Husky
    Model Pressure Flow rate HP RPM Driving
    Husky 55 55,000 psi 6.5 gpm 290 hp 2100 Diesel
    Husky 40 40,000 psi 6.5 gpm 205 hp 2100 Diesel / Electronics
  • Packaging

    • Skid
    • Trailer
  • Ultra high pressure cleaning

    Ultra high pressure cleaning is applied to remove the things within 2,100 to 2,800 bar pressure range.

    • Removal of liquid / solid chemicals
    • Paint / Coating Removal
    • Reactor cleaning
    • Rust removal
    • Remove grease
  • Tools & Accessories

    Husky pump offers a wide range of advanced tools and accessories to provide the optimum solution for ultra high pressure cleaning.

    Tool system
    • HydroCat Robotics: A device for safe, productive, high-pressure cleaning of floors, walls or ceilings, with 100% explosion protection and FlowVac vacuum system
    • Dyna Mo Five Floor Cleaning Tool: A mobility surface treatment tool with 18 "-16 jet cleaning heads, mechanical deck cleaner with maximum pressure of 55,000 psi
    • Deck Hog: 8-jet nozzle-Lightweight surface treatment tool with max. Pressure of 40,000 psi, maximum rotation speed of 3,000 rpm with 8 "cleaning head
    • Mini Scrubber: Portable rotary cleaning tool with 6 "-6 jet cleaning head,
    • A-3000 Hand Tool / Rotary Gun: A pistol-type grip with a trigger guard and a safety cover, in which the operator is holding and working the gun in the form of high pressure water sprayed by a fixed or rotary nozzle

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